Julia Williams

Trauma informed counsellor and relationship coach

My own journey through childhood trauma and therapy lead me to see the gaps in current therapy and begin studying to find a better, more effective and time efficient way.

Most counsellors and coaches deal with the head and logic, but when we’re triggered, the logical parts of the brain literally shut down closing access to any work done in therapy! Once triggered, the fight or flight response is activated, chemicals are released, your heart rate increases, breathing becomes shallow, muscles tense, digestion is turned off and 80% of messages go from the body to the brain. To make matters worse, the only part of the brain that is still operating also controls the nervous system. You literally cannot override a physiological response. It’s biologically impossible!

With this is mind, I blend traditional therapy with the latest scientific research into neuro science to retrain your nervous system when you’re calm, with daily practices so that when you’re triggered, you’re less likely to go into a full blown fight or flight response and the logical parts of the brain are less likely to shut down which invariably leads you to say and do things you later regret. Blood pressure stays lower. The emotions are less intense, more bearable and subside faster so you can get back to being you!

Available online – flexible hours
  • on-line counselling & coaching (Zoom)
  • flexible hours, including AH
  • on-line “Stress Less” course

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