T(w)een Coaching

Being a teen and parenting a teen can be tough! Puberty, the transition to high school, the stages of psychosocial development and individuation from their parents… all massive events occurring simultaneously! A time when they desperately need support but often don’t really even speak to you! What if there was a program which included:

  • A free initial parent consult
  • a weekly on-line session with your t(w)een (30-60 minutes)
  • a weekly email tracking progress towards the goals set in collaboration with you
  • UNLIMITED support for parents (just book an appointment)
  • Free FB group for parental support/an opportunity to connect with other parents
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – I continue with your t(w)een until they achieve the agreed goals!

With 35 years in education, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Trauma Informed Life Coaching certification, I have a long history of walking alongside students, which has enabled me to support them through life’s challenges and transitions, from bullying and self-esteem through to self-harm and suicidal ideations.

As an introductory special, I’m offering 50% to the first 10 clients that qualify.

1:1 Counselling

All of us need someone to talk to from time to time: to vent, to adjust to new roles (divorce, an empty nest, a promotion or unemployment) or the paralysing effects of perfectionism & procrastination or that empty feeling of not knowing who you are anymore! You are NOT alone!

Your current challenge might relate to traumatic events from childhood which can limit your ability to trust, connect with others, deal with children’s strong emotions and allow real intimacy with our partners amongst many other things! (My personal journey was through a very dysfunctional family, constant upheavels and two years of rape by my father!)

All sessions are online and my hours are very flexible to cater for busy lives, FIFO & shift workers.

Of course it’s Covid safe too! Not sure, book a time for a quick chat to see if you feel okay talking to me. All good if you don’t. I won’t take it personally!

$100 a session (45-60 minutes) or cheaper if you invest in a package deal.

Julia is a fantastic coach & has literally changed my life for the better so much! I cannot thank her enough! She worked with my son who went from being a straight ‘A’ kind of student to just getting by with no apparent reason. She was able to discover it was a general feeling of being left out/not fitting in because he was the short kid, hitting puberty later than his peers and some unresolved feelings from his mums passing. I’m happy to say we’re both new men thanks to her support over the months. Highly recommend her if you or your teen need help!

— Chris

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had a really horrible childhood, a narcissistic, alcoholic father and a co-dependent mother who communicated by yelling! When my marriage fell apart, I reached out to Julia. She helped me resolve my trauma and work through my grief but more importantly she also worked with my son and his anger issues which turned out to be part of grieving! He is so much happier now and we’ve become so much closer as a result of both having support. I got my son back when I thought I’d lost him forever. Forever grateful. xxx

— Louise

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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