Julia is a fantastic coach & has literally changed my life for the better so much! I cannot thank her enough! She has coached me for over 6 months now & our weekly sessions are the highlight of the week as I am always buzzing afterwards with energy & motivation. I have also recommended her to 2 of my friends who are really excited about it. I truly believe sometimes that Julia understands my brain more than I do & we have achieved so many goals in just 6 months. If I didn’t live 12000 miles away from Julia I would buy her a big bottle of champagne!

When I first met Julia, I had been drifting through life with a lot of inner emotional turmoil. She got me and understood what I was going through and why I felt the way I did. She helped me to work through a range of issues, many of which stemmed from childhood stuff so I could understand it, accept it and then change it. She taught me to think differently and gave me lots of techniques that I use all the time and now my life is awesome! Building a bright future for my children as my fiancé and I build a house to start living the life of our dreams. Julia is awesome. Can’t recommend or thank her enough!!! It can only do good to place yourself in her healing hands.

Julia is an excellent coach and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is needing some support and guidance in their lives. I feel like she held space for me to explore different issues as we worked together and also helped me to connect with myself so I could get to the bottom of what might be holding me back. Julia was also quite action oriented which I found helpful and kept me on track with progress. Julia truly helped me overcome my limiting beliefs.

Julia Williams Counselling is a highly skilled trauma practitioner who is able to hold a safe space for coregulation.

After doing much DIY trauma and group programs, I found myself at the lowest feeling point in my life really able to feel it all after being numb for most of my life – and not knowing how to deal with the feelings.

After only 2 sessions, today was a completely different day; it was long, stress-filled, trigger-filled as a working mom of 5, but I maintained my calm throughout, took time-outs when needed, and really took care of me.

I’m so proud of myself, and grateful to Julia for this giant shift in just 2 sessions.

My 5 year old daughter was on day 3 of her intense tantrums, and this time I was really able to remain calm, smile through, and pull her into my happy energy rather quickly. I’ve never been able to do that before it felt so good! I used everything Julia shared with me, and it worked!! She’s so good at helping parents regulate so they can be there for their kids, a true gift!! Highly recommended!! Anna


Julia has an amazing ability to tap into years of repressed emotions and trauma from childhood by identifying our tribal ancestry cycles and the roles we play today. These roles often lead to self sabotage and limited beliefs. Highly recommended.” Anita

Before I started with Julia, I was just existing, taking care of  my kids and working but felt there was more to life. I needed to get off the “just existing” treadmill. She got me to pause and reflect on my life and look at my childhood to see what stories I’d told myself as a child, that were impacting on me as an adult. Through her guidance and encouragement, I’ve been able to shed light on the dark spaces within me and heal. I now know with every fibre of my being that I AM WORTHY of all life has to offer and that there is life outside of the “just existing” treadmill. Julia Is great at holding space for you to grow. She will listen and she will challenge you if you are willing to do the work needed to heal. I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Julia to anyone who wants to improve all aspects of their life.


“Julia has a calm and caring way of working with me, such that even the toughest topics are ok to share. She guides me through the difficult parts of life without judgement, and helps me to understand that by dealing with the past with curiosity I can make my future a different place. I laugh, I cry, I have unexpected realisations about my life and where I’m going, and I feel deeply reassured and capable after each session with her.”



I would have never gotten as far in such little time without Julia’s help and belief in me! I’d recommend her to anyone seeking help or guidance. She’s kind, passionate, and determined. thank you Julia!

Chris L

I came to Julia Williams wanting to quite something I consider a passion in my life for finding it too complex for my situation. I felt not ready for it. Julia is an amazing coach and she was able to move me to the space I have been wanting to be for a long long time. I now have the reasons in my heart and a sense of direction. I felt save and understood working with her. I strongly recommend Julia. She is an amazing coach. Thank you so much Julia. Ben


Absolutely amazing!! Julia is open minded and definitely not judgemental. She listens and responds with helpful tips and answers. Can’t fault anything about her. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but the most beautiful personality. So very grateful to her.


“Julia lead me through a money mindset exercise, to really investigate my relationship with money. Although I’ve never had a problem receiving money, I have always experienced a lack of it in my life. This exercise uncovered some interesting associations I have developed around money, bringing them to the light where I can now consciously address them. Thanks Julia for your enthusiasm and excitement throughout the workshop – it was absolutely contagious. I enjoyed every minute and highly recommend it for anyone interested in ensuring a healthy relationship with yummy money.” Pamela

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